Friday, February 24, 2006

A touch of Color

Ribbon Color

So Here I've actually added some color to something. I like sketchy lines, but in this one a lot of the little details were very muddled up by the super loose lines and they made the color dark so I had to erase most of them. Hopefully with it in color you can get a better idea for the dress. The four colors are all satin ribbon, the center chest being woven ribbon to make it's fabric. The skirt actually goes all the way around but I was lazy and didn't do the color for the back. Likely, this would be nice in just red and white or something of the like as well, but I wanted all four colors to represent the elements of Pagan traditions, and the brightness of Spring and the Beltine celebration.

Woo, a little wordy there. Working on this design, I really want to make this dress and maybe play with the accesories, or try and work some purple in. Also, it makes me look forward to spring. Maybe I should have a little Beltine party... ^.^


Blogger Jason Dai said...

woohoo~ nice, and very colorful. =)

12:16 AM  
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